December Exam Takers - Level 1

If you took the December level 1 exam, what is your plan for Level 2 & 3, considering the results are not available until mid-Jan… Assume you pass, that leaves you with 4 to 4.5 months of study.

Do you wait until June 2015? Or try to cram in 4.5 months?

study hard as hell =)

Cram. What’s the exam cost? Have you really lost all that much if you fail in June and have to retake in 2015? The risk/reward is high if you can pass it and be on track to finish up in in 2015.


I will definitely go for Level 2 in 2014, assuming I pass in level 1. What’s the worst case scenario? fail the exam? I could live with that.

Imo, It becomes a gamble if you start when the results are out. You will have approximately 4 months and 1 week to study. Plus there are always unexpected things that pop up, which takes away your time, just when you need time the most.

It will be better if you start now. You will get a head start of at least 1 month + 1 week. That will leave you in a much better position come May and you will have a very decent shot at passing the exam. Just my 2 cents.

Good points in terms of risk and reward.

Going for the level 1 in June for sure.