December Test... ethics

FInished the Ethics portion of the Kaplan material. Took the first little quiz of 22. Only got a 15/22… Well atleast I have 6 months…

Read Ethics from CFAI, not Kaplan.

Roger that! Will when I get my books.

Is Kaplan useful? I have read on the forum that it’s enough to pass Level 1, so I’m thinking of buying it .

Thank you very much for the suggestion !

I hear a lot about the QBank from Schweser. I was considering Elan after trying their sample material. I liked the writing style and level of detail. Elan has their own bank of 2,000 questions (Schweser has 4,000)

Will not having access to the QBank be detrimental to performance?

q-bank and schweser are SUPPLEMENTS to the real CFAI books. Schweser is a great quick read through the curriculum but you need to do the real CFAI problems.

CFAI for ethics, cant stress that enough. The CFAI questions jsut have different wording and its best to get used to that for the test. Ethics was the only section I didn’t like Schweser for.

I know this has been stressed upon multiple times by AF members but here I am reiterating it - use the CFA Institute material for anything and everything related to Ethics.


Careful with ethics. I find that I can review material for a few hours and get almost all right, only to forget the material soon thereafter and go back to 60% on practice stuff. I would definitely review the material a day or 2 before the exam. For some reason the key concepts prove elusive over time. Maybe it’s just me.

its also about getting used to the question structure. Once you can pinpoint the keywords quickly you will have a better chance. That just comes from doing tons of problems.

WHat helped me get better at ethics is doing a million practice problems from the qbank

I found doing advanced QBank questions on ethics and watching the videos made me learn the ethics material well. I read the material after I had watched the videos, so it would stick better.

The CFAI Ethics questions in the book were way too easy. I think I got a 21/22 on them first time.