December too close??

I am working with investment banks since last 10 years and different groups (Equity/Fixed Income/ Alternative investment etc) in technology side. I have just got schwester notes. I have been thinking a lot and in confusion that whether I should attempt for december? I would have another 3 months to prepare but would that be enough? Is that much money enough to spend enough for december? or should I go directly for next year June 2017?

Many people have passed the December exam who have started studying in August.

It’s not too late.

no one can really answer this question for you. “working with investment banks on the technology side” doesn’t really mean you know or don’t know finance or accounting topics. it has been done with short notice and really boils down to are you willing to grind hard to study. if you are not sure you can find the time, I would postpone

My $.02 is take it next year. Register early, save some dough, and get more preparation time. You gain nothing by passing early in December (unless you have a reason to take it in December). You’ll have to wait till June 2018 for level II anyways (unless you want to take level II in 2017 with under six months of preparation, which I wouldn’t recommend as the curriculum is MUCH harder than level 1).

Thank you all for your comments. i have been doing research on amount of reading and it seems yes I agree that will need good amount of time to revise entire things and do practice of questions. so, i have decided to go for june 2017 and save some bucks ($1310 for this december vs $650 for june 2017)

I think with your experience in financial market, you will probably know a great deal of stuff for the level I exam already. I, myself, a fresh undergraduate student from Economics major with very minor knowledge about finance, registered on September 2015 for the December level I exam. I had 3 months for study and when I say “study”, I mean 10-12 hours per day. If you think you can handle those kind of pressure, plus with all of your personal experience with financial market, you can definitely take the December exam. The good thing about doing the exam in December is that you don’t have to wait for one whole year to go to level II. I took the level II exam six months later and passed ( still, 10 hours per day for studying and believe it or not, it was the worst time of my life).