Decemeber - Level 1, Round 2

To all those seeking retribution for the hit in June, when DID/when ARE you going to begin cracking the books again? I was thinking a fresh start effective September. That should be enough time for a second round candidate…I think?

Prob wouldn’t hurt to work on the topics you did the worst on now. Starting in September only leaves you really 2 months to learn the material assuming you leave a month to take practice tests and review.

How much time you need for V 2.0 depends on how you did the first time around. Unless you totally crashed and burned the first time, I would guess that the second time around will take much less time. September should be fine. Definitely get Schweser’s Q-Bank, and make sure you guage your progress every week - the key is to test weekly (for a minimum I’d put a 1-2 hour test down each week for the latest material and another won that covers past material). The importance of the tests is not in the grades themselves, but in cluing you in where youare weak. Make sure you restudy material you have problems in ASAP. Good luck - the second time should be the charm.

Did any one do a comparison for level 1 los with that in june???

All LOS from the June L1 exam roll over to the December one. So, retaking it means you’re on the same Body of Knowledge. But fail in December, and you have a new set of LOS’s the following June.