Decent money, low hours - is this rare?

Hey folks, My friend is a risk analyst at a mutual fund firm. He works only 40-50 hrs/wk and his bonus is usually over 100%. He does some coding, and he’s only worked there maybe 2-3 yrs. Is this low-hour, high-compensation situation extremely rare??? Thanks

Well, what is his compensation?

On the buyside, you can usually get starting gigs at 90-120k total comp with 40-50 hours/week…being a risk analyst has little upside compared to being on the investments side

at least $120K total comp per year since he started working.

by “investments side,” do you mean portfolio management ?

That sounds reasonable to me.

the hours are rare

Investments side= Capital Markets side of Insurance, Mny Managers, Pension Funds, etc. I don’t think those hours are rare. I think you max out at 10hrs/day.

i’m coming from insurance world where 8-9hrs/day is normal but bonuses are always very low. that’s why i wanted to see whether 50 hrs/100% bonus was normal for buy-side firms (minus hedge funds). must be very competitive to get that kind of job.