Decided - Will leave IPS question for the end in essay

I have finally decided to leave IPS individual questions for the end .

Concentrate on doing the other questions properly and not make silly mistakes

Even in IPS questions attack subparts like - liquidity/time horizon/ risk tolerance/risk objective

Calculating required return (6-8 marks) is just not worth intial time and be a speed breaker.

Poor sharpe ratio

So you decided to leave 1/4 of the AM session alone, hoping that you have enough time to come back to it.

Good luck. You’re gonna need it.

I wouldn’t do it first and I certainly wouldn’t save it for the end. The individual IPS questions are the only questions that have any semblance of consistency on the exam. Virtually all of them follow the same approach. Solve for return, risk tolerance>>>>time passes>>>circumstances have changed, time horizon, liquidity, etc… or something to that effect.

Best case scenario, you have 25 minutes left to finish the IPS question. You’ll be tired and the last thing you’ll want to do is flip back to the first question which is likely to be the heaviest weighted question on the AM. There are far too many tricks and subtleties in the IPS questions to read with tired eyes. It’ll be the second or third question I tackle.


Got battered in 2007 and 2006 essay q on IPS angry

yikes…I spend about an hour slaying the IPS questions for Individual/Institutional questions on the AM.

Everything else is significantly easier to work through and represents a smaller % of the exam.

Do them in the middle.


I mean just the first 1 which comes everytime. Reading 9

I’ve also seen you said you thought IPS questions where easy among other topics. Can you please not take the exam? Can’t afford these 85%+ people. :stuck_out_tongue:

I will attempt the Insti IPS, first, then Indi IPS, this is where I have some confidence, dont wants to loose some easy points.