decimation before explanation

Why do most guideline ansaers first define a strageu before answering the qiestion. Is the decimation important

I guess I understand your question, and I was wondering the same thing.

In the guideline answers you see this a lot. They usually start with the definition of the concept that the question is based on, and then give the answer after that.

E.g. 2013 Exam, Question 5A: the question is to calculate the GDP growth. I would have just written down the Cobb-Douglas-formula, input the values, and then showed the result. The guideline answer gives a whole lot of details on CobbDouglas as such first, before getting to the calculations. You also see this quite often in other guideline answers.

Is this kind of “introductory definition” to the answer needed in the exam? After all, it is not really asked for in the questions. You see it a lot in the guidelines answers but I guess this is just to help when reviewing you answers, and not something that would be expected in the exam.

This has probably been discussed in other threads before. But it would still to get your opinion on this (or a link to a thread on it).