Decision Trees - Std Deviation with BA II PLUS

How can I calculate this through BA II Plus? I know how to do this in steps but it takes too much time. I am calculating the Expected Value, then the Variance and then the Std Dev through the square root.

Exercise is:

The probability distribution for a company’s sales is:

Probability** Sales ($ millions)** 0.05 70 0.70 40 0.25 25

Q. The standard deviation of sales is closest to:

  1. 9.82 million

  2. 12.20 million

  3. 32.40 million

I don’t have my calculator on me, but set up your data as 70/40/25 for X1, X2 and X3 and 5/70/25 for Y1, Y2, and Y3

Use the STATS worksheet and 1-V. Standard deviation is one of the calculated values displayed. :+1: