Decorum, Sanctimony and Delusions of Grandeur

[original post removed]

I just submitted my resignation…I mean, $#!t, if this Johnny-come-lately can do this with no background, I may as well just pack it up.


so from Dec2014 to June 2016, you worked 4 months. so you were studying for CFA exams full time? that’s not special at all.


What happened here

Somebody changed opinion ASAP.

Billy Badass came into the forum bragging about being an engineering grad and banging out the levels with little prep, no background, etc. 1,2,3. Itera and I commented and this bozo folded like a greeting card, even erasing his original braggart post – and changing the title of the thread, I guess, to take a wimpy parting swipe at us. Who the f erases an anonymous post? Who cares? If you don’t like what others have to say, just leave the forum. Don’t be a complete wuss about it.

The original post was OP saying how he had 0 finance experience and went 3 for 3 on the CFA exams and said he’s willing to answer any questions about how amazing he was and how he did it. he also mentioned he only had 4 months of real work experience which goes to my post that if was studying full time then his passing really isn’t that special.


Also looks like wrong calculator guy chickened out and erased his OP too. C’mon guys.