dedication strategies

What does “dedication” really mean in terms of including immunization, CF matching? What are the fundamental difference between Immunization and CF matching?

Immunization focuses on interest rate risk and a ‘terminal value’, whereas CF Matching focuses on matching coupon dates and liabilitiy dates. Broadly, that’s how I look at it

how does CF matching compare with immunization for non-parallel shift of int rate?

I was under the impression that CF Matching wasn’t really affected by shifts/twists in the interest rate term structure? You set it at t=0 and more or less just let it ride… But the problem with them is: You have to have VERY good estimates on the timing/value of your cash outflow obligations. This is very difficult for many firms who need to do ALM (which is why many of them do Immunization instead). I could be 100% wrong though :slight_smile: Someone yell at me if I am. I haven’t made it back around to this study session yet for final review… i’m just shooting from the hip.

that’s about right. You need to have cash flows available before each liability is due. In immunization strategy, whole portfolio is invested and used to satisfy liability

The key to remember here is that immunization strategies, generally speaking, focus on a total return approach (meet obligations by coupons and selling principle as needed). With that in mind, the shifts and twists in the yield curve (duration) can leave you exposed to not meeting your goals since you need to be conscious of the change in marketvalue of the bonds as well. Hence duration mismatches matter. With cashflow matching, as stated above, leave little flexibility but dont care about yield curve shifts since its only coupons and maturing debt that support the obligations.