Deep 3 prep vs Mark Meldrum

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I am a retaker and planning to write the exam next year. I am confused between the Deep 3 Prep (heard a lot of glorious reviews about him and his strategy) and the one I was thinking of going with, Mark Meldrum. If anybody who has used both can help me set a honest comparison between the two, I would be really grateful!
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I had the privilege of using both for my level 3, and I think both are great. However, deep3 has two unique advantages that I found to be very instrumental to me passing the level 3 exams; 1 - the personal touch deep3 provides was something I didn’t get anywhere else. The instructor is truly invested in candidates passing and makes effort to create a genuine relationship which makes it easier to learn and ask questions; 2 - deep 3 tends to focus on mastery from a foundation standpoint, especiallly on difficult topic areas. This helped me to get really comfortable with these topics. P.S. I took the level 3 exams a couple of times before I found deep3; I studied with deep3 on my most recent attempt and passed. Happy to share more if you like - feel free to connect through deep3


I have used both. Mark is fine- nothing wrong with his technique of teaching. But Deep 3 is just at another level. I failed twice with MM; passed the first time I used Deep 3. Going into that exam the last time I knew I understood the material better than either of my earlier attempts. Gurmeet is truly invested in his students. His program is structured so that you really build a solid foundation of understanding. On the plus side, with Deep 3 he doesn’t even want you to read the cfa curriculum. The focus is on his notes. And those notes are the holy grail to passing.


I did not have any experience using Deep 3 Prep. I only used Mark Meldrum as the test prep provider. Highly recommend it. It took me twice to pass my level 3 exam (just got my result yesterday) with MM. The only thing about MM, it is less structured, So, you have to make your own study plan, set time to do the practice problems, and review the materials. Personally, the part I struggle the most is the
constructive response section of the exam - writing “the right amount.” I found MM’s approach and teaching for the end of the chapter questions to be extremely useful where he shared the thought process of an exam grader. If you do end up signing up with MM, definitely attend the live “office hours” and mock exams. They’re usually available a month leading up to your exam date. Lastly, it’s the cost. I believe MM is about half the cost. Good luck!

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