Deep Thoughts

  1. Bchad, when are you doing your next stand up bit?

  2. Why do married folks stop having ‘you know’?

  3. Anyone going to Vegas next week like I am?

  4. CFA vs. MBA?

It’s Friday, what else is good?

5.Big bird is responsible for the budget deficit

6.Count dracula is thirsty

funny enough, I am starting to see alot of job descriptions that list CFA + MBA as a plus. They seem to desire both together.

Kayak this weekend (3 days off!) and headed down to New Orleans then Baton Rouge next weekend for some partying, Jazz and the LSU vs SC game.

Catskills for Fall Foliage this weekend and long run training for NYC Marathon.

Canadian thanksgiving here, so getting some drank on when everyone comes through town tonight then down to the farm for a couple days tomorrow

My mother-in-law is in town so I’ll be drinking heavily.

Her blood? ha ha

I was just in Vegas and it was a ball. Where you staying CVM? I’ll spend the extra day this weekend recovering.

I’ll be hitting up the ND vs Umiami football game as well. Should be a solid weekend.

I’m at MGM. Any tips?

see the las vegas thread I think ayodayo was in that thread too

  1. Does anyone in the history of mankind actually ‘like’ their mother in law? Ever?

I like mine. Just gets taxing having her around 24/7. Waves of shame wash over me as I sit in my sweatpants drinking High Life.

Yeah, I know peeps that like their mother in laws.

Deep thought: what if God used to answer all prayers and then someone prayed that no more prayers would be answered?

^ prayers are only answered if they are within God’s plan

Doesn’t this make them pointless then? And rather deterministic?

Hey guy, I’d like you to do X as long as you were already planning on doing X, please.

Although, I guess you could rationalize that the plan isn’t necessarily all encompasing although chaos theory suggests it would have to be. But as long as you were willing to say it’s more of a framework than a plan, you could say prayers come off more like “Hey would you mind doing X while you’re already over there?”

There’s always been a pleasent absence of religious conversation on AF. I assumed it was because we’re all smart enough to know the truth…

^Sweep, do you at least offer your mother in law a High Life while sitting in your sweatpants? Also, do you call her by her ‘first name’? or actually call her ‘mom’?

No, never felt comfortable call the in-laws “mom” and “dad.” First names for us. My mother-in-law is actually pretty awesome. She’s a total milf…or gilf now I suppose…enjoys crushing natties, and is more handy around the house than just about anyone I know. When she comes to visit we eat really well, drink a lot, and lots of stuff around the house gets fixed.