Deer Meat

…commonly called “venison.” I have lucked into a great quantity of venison steaks and tenderloin. I actually believe it is mule deer (or whatever kind of deer they have in the Northwest) and it is filling my freezer. Does anybody have a flipping clue how to cook any of this kind of stuff? I know we had a horse meat thread previously, so I am hopeful I can draw on the collective wisdom of AF.

It’s a pretty lean meat so I find you need to tenderize/marinate it. It’s great in stew or as a pot roast. The tenderloin you could make as steaks, just make sure to marinate.

Otherwise grind it for sauage (mix 50/50 with ground pork) or to cut into hamburgers.

It’s delicous!

Holla at my man Greenie (no homo) and he’ll smoke it up on his Big Green Egg.

Did you run over a deer with your SUV or something? Make sure you check for ticks before doing anything.

Two words–chicken fried.

Fking animals.

I’ve made a venison pie before and it was good.

That’s illegal in about 1/3 of the U.S. so check your local laws.

Anything goes except the holy cow.

where did you get this? I used to have venison growing up and ive been looking to get 5-10lbs. Bison meat too but its quite expensive.

when i was real young my friends dad would go deer hunting come back and make deer jerky. best damn jerky ive had in my entire life

Deer jerky is super good.

In the supermarket a few weeks ago I saw bacon jerky.

For people, not dogs.

Someone I know went on a two week hunting and fishing trip in Washington and British Columbia. They freezer packed a bunch of elk (mule deer) and salmon and gave it to friends and family.

You can buy venison or exotic meats at some specialty butcher stores. I am sure there is one near where you live. Some people even bring in the dead animal they hunted to get it butchered.

Elk is not mule deer. Different creature. Similar meat.

Yeah, I’m really not sure what it is…it’s one or the other.

It’s lean, and can be a bit tough at times. So recipes with it in stews or slow cooking it tend to work out best IMO. Used to eat a lot of it when I was younger because I have a lot of white trash relatives who regularly jacked deer.

you sound surprised at this. It’s a very normal part of life where I come from.