Deferred exam dates: Dec 5th/6th 2020 and Jun 5th 2021; no refunds of any sort given under any circumstances

Guess everyone who can only write exams on June 2020 and cannot defer just gets robbed. And all the late fee premiums can be considered a non charitable donation to the Institute as well.

This is by no means the last word. I expect a class action lawsuit. The CFA has withdrawn the option to sit in June 2020. June 2021 would have been available regardless, so this is not a deferral but a cancellation with 100% credit. It’s not within their rights to decide how I spend my refund. It’s preposterous to expect ppl to take this lying down.

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Not even 100% credit in many cases because many people paid premiums to take the exam specifically on June 2020.

It’s amazing that an organization supposedly dedicated to the highest standards of ethics is among the rare exceptions of businesses and organizations that are refusing refunds for services not rendered.

Agreed. It’s pretty crazy, especially when you consider the expenses that CFAI has versus the ever increasing revenues. I know many CFA holders who bear incredible ill will toward the CFAI, and that was before this outrage

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