Deferred Tax...

Does anyone have a good summary of the ‘need to know’ points for deferred tax? When i read the notes i think i understand but whenever it comes to a calculation I just seem to get every question wrong and get really confused between tax expense, taxable income, income tax payable, pretax income etc. its driving me crazy… :frowning: Thanks!

honestly, just keep on doing practice problems until it clicks. i got a ton of them wrong until all of a sudden i caught on to the logic. you can do it glimmer!

thanks vbcfa- i will keep trying!! its just so frustrating…and i guess i can hope for just 1 or 2 qus on the actual exam!

you’re definitely going to see more than just 1 or 2 questions - that should be even more motivation to dominate that beast

yea…you’re right - no point in trying to hide…will hit the qus hard now! :slight_smile:

Have a look at this, might help:,668059,668512#msg-668512

thx map1 - really useful!!