Degree Confirmation

To write Level 1 CFA exam do you need your undergraduate degree? I know for level II you have to show them your degree confirmation, but for Level I is it okay to graduate in June and still be eligible to write? Thanks.

You have to have a degree, 4 years comparable work experience, or a combination of both. You may want to contact them if you don’t have a year of experience to go with 3 yrs of college. You can’t register and get material for LII without it, but CFAI might have a contingency for this kind of situation.

Parry, you dont have to have a degree. Im writing decemeber 07 and will be graduating in june aswell. I phoned the institute to confirm this, and they make it pretty clear on the website.

I think the degree requirement to write Level 2 only applies to those that got enrolment in level 1 as an undergraduate (ie: no acceptable work experience and in 4th year uni). I enrolled with a combination of both undergrad and acceptable work experience, so I don’t think the degree requirement applies to me. I can always call to find out, but I’m pretty sure judging by what I read on the CFA website.

i remember that you have to be at least in your last semester to take L1.