Degroote Co-op MBA

Hey all, I had a question on the Degroote co-op MBA, I see them around school every few months with a booth doing some info sessions and the like. Not to long ago I was waiting outside for a lecture so I decided to look at it, I’m not considering an MBA since I’m still in undergrad and don’t really think it would add a great deal of value considering my lack of full time work expierience but I wanted to see what hey have to say. The guy I was talking to was saying in the co-op program they routinely place people in ER and IB and even some trading gigs. I’m half thinking that the guy may be embellishing the facts a bit because even just looking at the recruiting schedules for some of the banks like scotia capital I don’t even see them going to Mac…and my understanding of co-op MBA is that they are similar to part-time…like not as good. Am i wrong here? I don’t doubt that some of the people go into IB and ER jobs but I can’t imagine it is a large amount compared to the other, more established programs like Rotman and Ivey, or maybe the grads go into roles that are normally pre-mba and not the typical IB associate roles.


commstudent Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Dewho? Heh that probably answers my question, Degroote is the B-School for Mcmaster University in Ontario.

As with any MBA here in Southern Ontario, there are no guarantees. All a matter of timing and people skills. I think the only exception is an Ivey MBA which appears to have some street credibility. Avoid Schulich, total waste of time the leftist administration ruined the school.

Avoid Schulich eh? I have always heard how terrific the program is supposed to be, I’m surprised. As I said I’m not in the market for an MBA at the moment but likely will be in 3-4 years. I’ve heard from some I-Bankers that I’ve talked to that in Canada it doesn’t matter quite as much where you do your masters as opposed to the States unless your going to a place like Nipissing or something. I agree that Ivey is really the exception although I think Rotman is at the same level now as well as Ivey in terms of brand name.

If you’re smart and have good people skills it won’t matter whether you go to Ivey, Rotman or Schulich. They all get the same Canadian recruiters. I went to Schulich and beat out a bunch of Ivey and Rotman people for an IB job.

DeGroote can’t be that bad, I looked at it maybe five years ago, but it isn’t even top 5 in Canada, and like someone else said it is unknown outside of Canada. Plus you have to live in Hamilton. :slight_smile: If you want to get recruited by a big fancy company, go to a school they actually recruit at.

i talked to someone who finished the program recently, they said that banks aren’t recruiting heavily on those schools