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You’re not STEM…

The MS finance programs I mentioned have been designated as STEM and I am specifically asking about these. Any input?

My friends look at the job placement report of the program. This is insightful

I got a MS in Finance at a non/semi-target (American University – the school, not a university in America) along with the CFA and I can say it helped me get a decent job. Of course, ymmv.

If you’re trying to go into asset management, go MS Finance and CFA and save the coin. But if you think there’s any chance (I mean any) you want to go into private equity, get an MBA and add the CAIA (not even sure I’d mess with the CFA if your heart was set on PE).

However, if you want to make major coin – ignore all of the advice I just told you and learn Python up and down. --trust me on this one.

No investment person in PE knows what CAIA is.

OP, only MIT and Vanderbilt are worth attending, MIT is as close to a MBA replacement as possible but almost as expensive with great placements, very difficult to get in. As far as PE goes, yea no certification is going to help you, it’s all about pedigree and IB/Consulting/Operations background.

ramos have a snickers man

+1, that has been my experience.

Speaking out of your ass?

I believe the CAIA will increase in interest and notoriety. Plus there’s the knowledge factor.

CAIA today is what CFA was in the 70’s. I agree with you but there is a long way to go.

Take CAIA if interested in joining a PE fund? that’s a wild comment…

It’s like saying take CFA if interested in automatically becoming a portfolio manager.

If ever in future I decide to break into PE, then MS wont help? BTW thank you all for the discussion.

PE guys have MBAs

Probably not. You’re best bet to break into PE is a mix of IB and MBA. CFA can help too.

Alright, thank you.