And here’s me thinking you had to be mildly intelligent to get to Level Two… Go figure.

I was intellectually curious as to how one could title your thread as such and not make a remark that makes you look either hateful or silly. In this case it’s both.

You imply dishonor amongst an entire religion (many cheating to get ahead, violating their CFA oaths), you imply lack of controls within CFA (getting an easier exam if different), and you explicitly state that *this* is the reason they supposedly dominate the financial industry.

Maybe you were being funny, but it doesn’t come off so. Can we just delete this thread?

Regardless of the motives, if true that jews score higher in Tel Aviv, it would be interesting to see why. In any case, the exam is given at varying times around the globe, not just in Tel Aviv.

Just a Troll people. Don’t feed the Troll

It’s possible that the reason they give the exam on Sunday is because Saturday is a holy day, and nobody in Israel would take it if it were on a Saturday.

It’s also possible that Jews perform better on the exam because they’re smarter. Honest comparative statistics prove that this is true.

I wonder, Pierre, how do American Jews (who have to take the test on Saturday) fare? Is there a statistical difference? I don’t know, but I bet there is.

The fact that you passed Level I has removed a LOT of value from my results.


Official response from the CFAI here.

The fact that you passed Level I has removed a LOT of value from my results.

Yes, jackass, I see your bias. Which I understand is an increasingly disturbing problem throughout France.

When did you start speaking anciano? Ding Ding

The CFA doesn’t allow testing in French because nobody likes the French. You will have to fail in English.

There’s so much wrong with this discussion.

First, the language issue is to ensure fairness across the board. Maybe they will start offering it in Chinese at some point, who knows, but I do know that some questions seem to have two answers based on how you interpret the question; ensuring all candidates receive the exact same question across multiple languages is extremely difficult - the last thing they want is someone emailing them claiming one question was worded incorrectly.

Secondly, this thread isn’t really about Jews, it’s about the fact they won’t let you write the exam in French. That’s your real issue so why not make a thread about it. I think it’s a discussion-worthy topic (the language issue) and if you want to address that fine, but don’t disguise it with another perceived inequality. You are also allowed to go to Tel Aviv to write the exam if you want.

The French… Typical