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When your are creating a 120 question test what difficulty level are you trying . Advanced, Intermediate, and Basic Questions all . Don’t have enough time to try all the questions . What is your opinion about the difficulty levels in schweser qbank . Appreciate your help !! Thanks

For me, I always select advanced, intermediate, and basic. The reason I do that is because I find the advanced ones tend to be more calculation intensive, where the basic tend to be more conceptual. Everyone says the actual exam is more conceptual, so I figured it would be good to do both.

I also select advanced, intermediate, and basic. REason is I tend to forget some of the really basic stuff if i do not see it at regular intervals.

I completely agree with moto, I don’t know how schweser defines “Advanced”. I tend to see really long, 3-4 part questions in the advanced category, which are not necessarily difficult. I personally find, non-calculative, conceptual questions to be a bit more of a challenge. And from what I hear, that’s what CFA is likely to present on D-Day. I select adv, intermediate & basic. Except I don’t select CFA weightage, I go for equal weightage, 'coz i want to be tested equally on all aspects, who really knows what CFA weightage is anyway. Good luck…