Deloitte IBD

Can any1 provide any useful info. on the IBD of Deloitte? I have an interview comin up…how are they usually structured? Thanks…


In the U.S. Deloitte does not have an Investment Banking Department. They have transaction services, which does entails due diligence, valuation, accounting and tax advisory, etc, but not traditional IB deal making like GS, MS, MER, etc. Employees at the BIG 4 accounting firms do not have to take series exams. In other countries, the story is/may be different.

Deloitte does have an investment banking department and they are required to take series exams as Deloitte Corporate Finance is a registered b-d. I work for Deloitte but in a different area but I have heard lots of good things about the group. Since I don’t work directly with them, I can’t comment on the structure of the group. If you haven’t already, check out for examples of deals, etc. Sorry I can’t help more. Good luck.

My bad. I thought you were referring to Deloitte & Touche, LLP. Didn’t know the BIG4 had an affiliate LLC setup.

Hi CFA, Do you by any chance how the interview might be?

I know in our group we tend to have like a series of 4 back to back interviews with people of various levels. So it starts with someone who probably has/had the job your interviewing for and then ending with the partner/managing director. It really depends on the person but fairly standard interview questions. If its a more experienced hire (like a manager/sr. manager position), you’d probably just meet with the partner/director and someone at the same level. I should note though since it is a fairly specialized group, they might have much different processes than consulting, audit and tax.

Thanks…appreciate it…

I interviewed with transaction services in Atlanta… it was a good interview, very laid back, very informative. BUT I think that really just depends on who your interviewer is. I got questions like “Walk me through a Balance Sheet/Income Statement” along with typical fit questions