Delta of Put options

can someone explain to me how hedging works for put options? So for call options to hedge against your risk of selling call you would buy delta shares of the stock. As price moves higher the delta increases. Now how does that work with Put Options? It’s negatively related to delta but I don’t really understand it. Can someone explain it ? or perhaps give some simple examples? Thanks

Imagine this scenario: Stock @ $10 Call w/ strike at $15 Put w/ strike at $15 Put Delta = -.75 Call Delta = .25 Stock goes up $1 (to $11) -> Put option goes down in value by $0.75, Call option goes up by $0.25. Because stock goes up, put delta goes down (less in the money now), call option delta goes up (closer to in the money). For example, after stock goes up $1, put option delta could be -.70 & call option delta could by 0.30.

ah thanx so much !