Demand Curve / Elasticity

If the demand curve for a given product is a straight line, this indicates that: A) demand is less elastic at higher prices. B) elasticity is constant along the demand curve. C) demand is unit elastic. D) demand is more elastic at higher prices.



I am doing this topic, and i must say question is ambigous. straight vertical line or horizontal line? anyways out of best answer choice, elasticity is either 0 or infinite. B is the answer.

Unless its perfectly elastic ( the line is horizontal), if the demand curve a straight line, the demand is more elastic at higher prices and less elastic at lower prices.

D. At high prices demand is more elastic

This question is LAUGHABLE. tell us whether its a horizontal straight line, vertical straight line, or just a normal demand straight line. cuz D is a valid choice, and I can think of a scenario where B is valid as well (horizontal line)

demnd straight line would make is perfectly elastic correct? still dont know the answer. But I tink I wold go with B god I hate econ

Agree with pepp - depends on what straight line you are talking about… But I would go with D - since it would make the most sense most of the time…

My vote for D) because for a straight line demand , elasticity is always more at high prices !!!

answer is d, book it