"Denmark bans bestiality in move against animal sex tourism"


This whole article is… I don’t even know what to say.

“Denmark passed legislation on Tuesday banning bestiality, toughening a law that animal rights activists feared was encouraging animal sex tourists to visit the country.”

“There are frequent reports of the occurrence of organised animal sex shows, clubs and animal brothels in Denmark,”

Animal brothels?

“Justice Ministry report surveyed veterinarians and found 17 percent of them suspected that an animal they treated had had intercourse with a human.”

Why, Denmark?

wth, i always respected the Danish. this is some wild stuff

Welp, now they’ll have to go to Mexico if they want a donkey show.

o west virigina?

So glad we managed to get away from the rape threads. They made AF such an unclassy place.

(Though, technically, animals probably are not be able to consent to sex with humans, right?)

C’mon BChad, we both know this is way better. You could talk about this at the Watercooler at work (at least in places I’ve worked)

  1. Last year’s World Happiness Report from the United Nations ranked Denmark the happiest nation on Earth, with an average life satisfaction score of 7.69 out of 10. Jul 17, 2014
  2. Coincidence…?

this offends me.

Couldn’t you conclude that male canines in their natural position are consenting?

I suspect that 50% or more of animal sex might not be consensual. Sometimes dogs just jump on another dog and start humping. Guys, that is raping. (Or at best it’s like that spontaneous boning as seen in the Dothraki party in Game of Thrones.)

Only to the extent that they are free to leave and go elsewhere if they choose.

Funny that some care if animals consent to sex but nothing else. Where they live, if they live, when they’re confined, what they eat, when they go for a walk, what medical care they receive, who touches them…Safe to assume animals don’t want to be abused, such as confining them against their will, but it happens everyday, all day, legally.

Is there people who actually get off by watching animals have sex ? I mean there are weird people out there but this weird ?

What is worse, sex with an animal or killing an animal for sport OR FOOD?

Yeah now that you mention it, it is weird that you can execute animals for food, imprison and molest them, or go outside and shoot a deer in the face. However, sexing them is somehow forbidden. What about those guys whose job is to jerk off the cheetahs to collect sperm?

I think the purpose of anti-bestiality laws is to prevent humans from doing things that other humans would consider to be weird and perverse shit, not to protect animals. This would explain why other forms of perversions, like necrophilia, are also banned.

I wonder if bestiality laws will go the way of sodomy laws…

We constrain children in many of the same ways, and selling them for sexual services is generally illegal too (and rightly so, in my opinion).

The issue is one of consent, which is mentioned in many of the bestiality laws. Pretty sure most don’t care if a child wants to have sex with adult strangers. It’s still illegal. Apparently, in Oregon and Denmark, bestiality is legal if the animal consents. How that is determined, I have no idea.

^I guess it depends on whether you do the donkey or the donkey does you.