Had coffee with a couple of PMs today from a company that rhymes with “Sharting & Governor” who told me Denmark is offering negative interest rate mortgages.

Figured I was gonna go buy a couple hundred million dollars worth of homes over there. Anyone know the good neighborhoods?

it’s negative but I think there are a lot of fees! Norwegian chicks are hot and smart. Yum yum

Not quite sure what this means but I find Iranians to be some of the hottest women.

Scandinavian blondes yes, not Mediterranean blondes.

in la lots of fake blondes. cuz blondes generally do have more fun! at least in 1 oak.

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hey I had a similar idea weeks ago,

Actually went ahead and contacted a few banks but all of them refused to offer mortgage loans outside the border of Denmark

People saying this stuff really don’t understand too much.

  1. An un-hedged mortgage in Kroner even at slightly negative rates could crush you and if you hedge it it’s no longer such a great deal.

  2. European mortgages require substantial cash down.

  3. Obviously these mortgages only apply to Denmark properties.

  4. Fees.

Just have some fun with my sh!tposting for once please.

Just move to Denmark and use this line all day, ery day!

I tried a negative interest on the TVM worksheet on my BAII: it works! :open_mouth:

It’s pretty sexy how with negative interest rates I can pay back less than what I originally borrowed.

I’m ready to move the phuck to denmark.

Mediterraneans tan, Scandinavians burn.

it would still be cheaper than the credit offered here in ma semi-civilized country with 4 banks controlling 95% of the local credit market

What part of you can’t smoke pot here makes it sound like it’s developed? Okay, yea, I guess we have two totally different ideas on what developed means, but beyond the bourgeoisie what’s the appeal to Singapore?