Dennis Kneale

Anyone see him go off on the bloggers that always make fun of him? hi-larious. Makes himself look like an idiot bringing on a blogger to debate on CNBC. you can watch the clip here on dealbreaker

In honor of Canada Day, Mr. Kneale is what they call a “newsreader” up north. Unfortunately, he views himself as a “personality” and thus has a massively over-inflated opinion of himself. Everybody at CNBC is bullish for a reason – they are just “talking their book”. If they told viewers that the markets were going to tank or do nothing for the foreseeable future, ratings would crumble. It’s simply in their best interests to be bullish. I’m not sure why Mr. Kneale rails against the bloggers and states they have no valid arguments and refused to debate him on the air. If he were smart, he wouldn’t give the bloggers the time of day. Also, I’m not sure how Mr. Kneale can declare that the recession is “now over” given the policies of the Obama administration which he finds so abhorrent and destined to destroy the U.S. economy. Bottom line: Dennis Kneale = DOPE

happyshappy Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Bottom line: Dennis Kneale = DOPE You must be smoking some good stuff if you find that to be true.

I live as naturally as I can so drugs are not in my MO. Maybe you can help Mr. Kneale fight off the “unfair attacks” by the bloggers? Then, you can get an invite on to his show so you can be another cheerleader for the market…YES WE CAN!!!