Denver Colorado Level I Study Group Dec 08

I’m looking to either start or join the Level 1 Study group in or around Denver. If you interested in started one or have already started one please email me. Thanks Greg

If you don’t have any luck here (which I didn’t through AF last year). Contact the Colorado CFA society and they have an online list that you can access for other L1 candidates interested in a group.

Thanks, I just emailed CFA Colorado and Im just waiting for them to reply.

I’m not in Denver, but am sitting for the exam there, b/c Dec. isn’t offered in Kansas City. Any idea where in Denver the test will be?

I sat for the last one and it was at the Denver Merchandise Mart. There is a hotel in the parking lot. Additionally there are a ton of hotels that are Downtown and that puts you about 5 miles away from the test site. Hope this helps. Denver Merchandise Mart. 451 E 58th Ave # 4270 Denver, CO 80216 (303) 292-6278

Thanks! I don’t really know my way around Denver, so maybe I should just stay in that hotel.