Departing employee responsibilities

When changing employers or starting another company, which of the following statements regarding the responsibilities of CFA Institute members is/are CORRECT: I. Departing employees are free to make arrangements or preparations to go into competitive business before terminating their relationship with their employer. II. Departing employees have a duty to act in their employer’s best interests until their resignations become effective. III. Departing employees may solicit their employer’s clients for the new venture prior to cessation of employment. A. I and II. B. II only. C. II and III. D. I only. Why is B wrong? Thx.

I guess as long as you do not behave iloyal (non-loyal?), you are free to “make arrangements or preparations to go into competitive business”. Could mean go to an interview, or not? So maybe I+II -> A?

A. I and II I - They can make arrangements but can’t act/solicit business while still employed II - Still have a duty even though leaving III - Can’t do it

because its A you can make preperations