Depreciation methods giving you a hard time.. read your calc's manual

If your having a hard time memorizing the different depr methods and have TI BAII PLUS. All the depr methods are built into the calculator. CHech it out hit 2nd DEPR (4). There yoiu can pick your depr method. Read the manual to learn how to do each method… double decline, SYD, SL (if you need help with SL god help you). Your TI BAII plus will also do breakeven and nom vs EFF. Enjoy

This is great advice. I remember when I first starting reading FSA and felt overwhelmed by the various methods of Depreciation I would need to learn. Thankfully my calculator can do the bulk of the work.

Just sharing the love


you’re welcome

Awesome awesome awesome info. I’m now going to read the calc’s manual cover to cover as if it were issued by CFAI. I’m also going to read the rest of your posts, MZ, to see what other morsels of wisdom you’ve seen fit to distribute :slight_smile:

We should have topics like this for other functions. like a “Bond calculations giving you a hard time?” because Bond pricing is soooo much easier with the bond feature then TVM.

Good suggestions, seems like people don’t use the calculator for anything other than TVM calcs…

Thats awesome werner you are the best!

No problem. Figuring out that the TI could do the different depr methods helped me when I took level I. good luck.

The Schweser book for quant gave some nice calculator tips, do they do the same in their FSA book? (I have only been using the CFA book for FSA to this point)

We should start maybe compiling a good “Calculator Tips and Tricks” topic thats constantly edited to add more new ways to solve problems. For example… i dont really know the continuous compounding equation all i know is that theres an e^ in it… but i dont want to risk it… so i just set compounding on the calculator to 999999999999999 and my answer is exactly the same.

I agree to your advice… we should have a thread with all different tricks to figure out the functionality of the calculator Thanks for the thread mzwerner it is quite helpful !!

nice one mzwerner! thanks