I just took the 2011 Mock PM.




yesterday, did 2010…70%…barely there

I hate this thing…I don’t think that 2011 score would hit MPS. Makes me sick. All this work. two years at this test…still struggling.

don’t give up. 1 week of studying and working on your weak points and you will be there.

Keep your chin up rolo! Mock 2011 PM was a diffuclt one, I just finished it and thought it was absolutely slaughtered, but when I checked I managed to score 43/60. I made 3 guesses and all 3 were correct.

worrying/stressing/admitting defeat will only do one thing: increase your chance of failure.

people DO pass this exam. people DO have the charter. it is not impossible. just work your ass off this week. let the slightly below par mark motivate you, not hold you back!

Thanks guys, this thing is frustrating to say the least

My score was similar. Dont feel bad, I think it was a difficult one.