Derivative Section

Even though the derivative section is small I feel like it’s really brining down my mock exam scores when I’m close to averaging the scores that I want to have before the test.

With the test now only being two weeks away does anyone have some insight in what they think I should do? I have a decent understanding of a lot of the big ideas/ concepts behind the derivative conceptual questions and can score pretty well on those.

However, I’m horrible when it comes to most calculation problems and almost am always wrong.

Derivatives amount to 5% of the exams. I’m not suggesting that you neglect it but it’s not Ethics or FRA.

You say you have problems with calculation problems. Maybe you should write down all the steps.

Good luck.

Do not neglet, read, it may help you in passing the exam, you never can tell.

I had the same problem with derivatives. First of all the only equations you need to remember are put call parity and futures contract. Other equations like forward parity or value of forward contract can be remembered via these two equations. For protective put, covered call or any other option positions you dont need to remember any equations, just subtract your final position from your initial position. These things worked for me, hope it helps.