Derivatives and Portfolio Management

Hello Guys,

Seek your help. If anyone has registered for Level II cfa and downloaded the books from Vital Source or got a hard copy delivered to your home addresses…can you guys help me with the topics for “Derivatives and Portfolio Management”. I have a hard copy of that book but for Year 2010, however i am sure that portion would have changed and would like to know what exactly is covered under the curriculum in the latest book…i am very weak in Derivatives and Portfolio management and hence want to start with that…

Thanks for the help in advance…

What exactly is your question?

2010? You Need the new books bro

If you haven’t registered and you just want to see the textbooks, you have 2 options, 1, find it online and 2, buy a 2013 edition from a candidate who passed (which would be cheap coz people don’t tend to keep their books).

2013 is not the most current, but then again, if you aren’t registering for 2014, that means you will be registerly for 2015 most likely and even 2014 edition won’t be the most current for you… anyway, 2013 is good enough for your reference.