derivatives calculation and exhaustion during the test

I really cant memorize all those calculation details, I mean I get the basic idea but all those function just give me headache, should I still drill on them or it is ok to just not to memorize those, are they key points

also, I finally did a timed full test for the first time and last time, 6 hours in total, I feel like passing out in the middle of afternoon session, it is so exhausting, anyone has any tips?

I have THE WORST attention span. For me to sit there on my own and take a 3 hour mock exam session is almost unthinkable. However, when I took the exam in June, I found the excitement kept my focus on and it really was not bad. I was able to focus strait through and not feel like passing out! One tip on exam day. I just skipped over ethics to start and did that section in pieces thoughout the exam. Those question require a lot of focus and you are going to freak out having to take your time and read them with the whole exam ahead of you. I also just skipped troubling questions and went over them with my spare time… I actually did fairly well on the exam (even though I did not pass) given I was not ready to do so,

With derivatives, that was actually one of only sections I did get >70% on. With the stuff on options… all of those derivations and equations I just found confusing. I relied on my general understand of how they work based on my experience actually trading them. Know Put- call parity and just understand how they work (what makes up the value of a put or call and the difference in being long or short). If you can do the mock exam questions then you know enough.

Know about futures, forwards, margin and be able to calculate a swap.

you should more focus on qualitative questions rather than quantative for derivates. I just did EOCs.