Derivatives- can I skip and still pass???

Hey folks, I have not even touched derivatives, sort of gambling on it since my feeling is that if I nail down everything else, I still have a good chance of passing Level I. I know very little about derivitives, and quite frankly, don’t even care about them. Do you think I could just skip it, or should I try cramming it in?

i would advise to get the basics down like put/call parity and option embedded bonds. don’t skip a 100% of it.

i think you should read at least once wont take you that much and you might remember a lot

mathematically possible. but if you really don’t know anything about derivatives and don’t care, chances are slim that you will pass… derivatives in level one is not THAT complex and is an area where you can tack on some easy points… i wouldn’t just skip it. but yes, if you kill the rest of the exam, it’s possible.

I don’t know, but you shouldn’t be able to.

Thanks for the input. Just got back from the store with a 6-pack. I was going to do a half of a Schweser practice exam, but I think I’ll settle for a little derivatives action tonight.

Have you been working out at the store?? :slight_smile: I’m just tired

a 6 pack and some derivatives…that will work.

Derivatives are interesting, and besides, they’re 5-15% of both the LII and LIII exams. That six pack ought to help the studying move along, enjoy!

think of the # of beers you can PUT, and how many GRAPHS you can CALL!!! That should make PUT-CALL a PARITY!!!. (PARTY)

i was thinking of dropping fixed income…but not entirely…just know the basics of it n focus on the rest…and inputs?

i was thinking of dropping FSA. If i skip it can i still pass?

technically… (240-68)/240 = 71%… so yeah… go ahead, drop FSA… edit: +17 due to luck…

I was thinking of skipping the whole exam…can I still pass?