I just got finished with all of the Derivatives readings and only three words come to mind “wtf”. I do none of this now and I found it confusing, especially sense it seemed schweser skipped some steps. Just thought I would vent somewhere were at least people knew what I was talking about. On to portfolio management and as many questions as I can do over the next month.

just read it again and again. it’ll come. if you’re in toronto i can tutor you

I too have just finished everything in derivatives save for swaps (I’ll save that for later). Tomorrow I plan on doing just questions on derivatives to really drive it all home.

Use CFAI, takes time, but in the end it should feel intuitive, I’m not the brightest crayon in the box, but I got it using CFAI after the first read through without going overboard.

Derivatives may seem hard in the beginning - especially the first topics. Read it again and do the exercices. It helped a lot for me. The Exercises in the CFAI are the best

Thanks guys, I am going to keep plugging along and do all of the CFAI questions.

After my Schweser/CFAI bathroom debacle, I think I figured out the majority of derivatives. Definitely do the CFAI questions, the Schweser ones are cake.

Glad to hear I’m not the only one struggling. Just got through forwards & FRAs and its been one of the hardest topics for me yet. I get the concepts but it just seems like there’s so many chance to make little mistakes when we are annualizing, de-annualizing, taking present value certain number of days. Haven’t done any Qs yet, but they seem like the type that will be manageable in Q bank, but really hard in a vignette when combined with a bunch of superflous information & rates.


How useful are the Schweser videos for Derivatives?