Designated Offiier

Damn it, got this wrong. The Designated Officer, upon reviewing the material obtained during the investigation, may conclude the inquiry with no disciplinary sanction, issue a cautionary letter, or continue proceedings to discipline the member or candidate. If the Designated Officer finds that a violation of the Code and Standards occurred, the Designated Officer proposes a disciplinary sanction,

Right, they don’t hang you out to dry until they have exhausted everything.

i had a hard time believing that they send a cautionary letter. it just sounded weak. i can’t remember what i put though

I guessed correctly., *sigh*

I really dont remeber this one. What is the correct choice? tnx Milos

Wasn’t this question a “Least Likely” question. I put “Discilplinary action” as i remember reading that CFAi can’t “discipline” you per se.

If this was one of the least likely action questions, I think I went with the most dire case they had where the officer would chop your !%^% without giving you a chance to explain yourself.