Designated Survivor

Anyone planning to watch tonight?

Looks interesting - Keifer is usually good

They are pushing it pretty hard, I usually find major network shows that they push this hard I dont care for. My shows as of late were Stranger Things, Narcos Season 2, and Atlanta (Created & written by Donald Glover)

Keifers voice just takes me to 24, and that was only watchable the first season everything after that I found horrible. That video of him hammered jumping into the christmas tree is fantastic though

I’m watching it. I support all high-functioning alcoholics.

I’m more interested in the Kristen Bell show–the name of which I forget at the moment.

The Good Place. I had to look it up.

Plus, I don’t really know who this girl is, even though I’ve only listened to her sing about 5 million times. So I’m kinda interested to see if she’s a hot as she sounds.

She’s cute. She does commercials for Samsung appliances with her husband (a comedian whose name I can’t recall but he was on MTV’s prank show).

Ironically, she’s blond and the girl who voiced Elsa is brunette.

My wife loves her and she seems pretty cool so we watched the show on Monday. It was just okay…always hard to tell with pilot episodes. I’ll give it another couple weeks and see how it unfolds.

(Husband’s name is Dax Shepard, btw. Made famous on Punk’d and was awesome in Idiocracy.)

That is Idina Menzel. She was Maureen on Rent and Elphaba on Wicked.

Thought episode 1 was good, not great. Will certainly stay with it for at least a few more episodes. Was bugging me the entire episode where I had seen the assistant chief of staff before, turns out he’s also in Narcos.