desperate need in ur support for ethics materials

Hello Mates, Frankly speaking, am truly in deep trouble… now I have been studying Ethics from official CFA book, answered EOC and went through Kaplan Q-bank as well scored 55% in my first mock exam-ethics section… Then tried to study Ethics all over again from Kaplan’s book and tried again on 2012’s Mock Ethics and got 66% I read couple of posts here and there about how ethics is really a determinet key to pass and if you score low on this you will not be passing anyway… dun know what to do now and my exam is on June. Pls, help!

You still have time to study. And don’t stress about it if it is really not your expertise. Many pass without getting above 70 on Ethics. But it is an important topic.

I would stick to the CFAI material and review the EOC questions to see what you missed.

Even if you stand last in the ethics portion , you can still pass the exam . About the ethics portion , try study from the CFAI notes . With a bit of more practise you can score well over 70% . If you were to take our advice , You should try targetting ethics during the last month of your preperation .

^wow actually good advice

Your Ethics score matters if you are on the border of passing/failing. If you’re well above the border, you’ll pass irrespective of your Ethics score; if you’re well below the border, you’ll fail irrespective of your Ethics score.

Study the other material and know it cold, then Ethics won’t matter.

many thanks for your feedback which I am truly appreciative for.