Desperately need a cram course recommendation!

I posted this message a few days ago but with a less desperate sounding subject, no one responded, so I’m hoping desperation will encourage a response. Can anyone recommend an intensive review course that is typically offered at around this time for the exam? I’ve been studying Schweser notes and taking the Stalla course with videos and homework. I’ve been covering the topics pretty well but am getting down to crunch time and am finding that one of these courses would probably be very helpful but only if there is a really good instructor. I’d go anywhere in the US (preferably on the West coast) to take a course with a really good instructor. Thank you for your assistance!

There’s the Shcwewser 3 day and 5 day review courses. the 5 day one is in Texas, and the 3 day one is in multiple cities. check the website for exact dates. I can’t comment on any since I have not tried them. there’s also a 2 day bootcamp in Boston on the 6th and 7th of may. I’m going to that one so i can’t comment on how good it is. I also get their question bank and notes with that. generally if your looking for a review course any would do. But if your looking for these 3-5 day courses as a way to learn things you have not read/studied before you’ll be wasting money. As someone else put it you gotta be familiar with the stuff beforehand…

I flunked last year. Then (and this was not the reason I failed) I followed a cram course provided by Schweser, an online walk-through of typical problems. It was very good. I don’t know if you with ‘homework’ mean Schweser’s QBank or some similar software, like their online exams, I suppose that too would count as cram course.

Thanks for your comments, I really appreciate it. I was following Stalla’s program which includes a promise to allow you to take their class again next year for free if you watch all of their videos and complete all of the questions for each chapter in their software (and their are a lot of them) and you still don’t pass their class. In addition, I’ve read most of Schesser’s notes (I like Schwesser’s reading materials better than Stallas). Thus I’m pretty familiar with the material but I find there’s a big difference between reading the material for understanding and committing it to memory all at once for the exam. I’m hoping a cram course can help me with that. I’ve taken courses for licensing exams and have found that if you come across a great instructor like I did for the Series 7, it’s worth it’s weight in gold. If anyone needs a good series 7 class, I highly recommend Dean Tinney, he was excellent!