Desperately need a cram course recommendation!

Hello Level 3 candidates, I’m seeking your advice. I’m a level 2 candidate, I posted this request on the level 2 forum but most of these guys haven’t yet taken a course for level 2 so I thought some of you might be willing to pass on some wisdom. I’m looking for a recommendation for a good instructor for one of the classes that are typically offered around this time of year for level 2. I have found them to be worth it if you can find a really good instructor so if you had a good experience, please do tell. Here’s what I posted in the level 2 forum: I’ve been following Stalla’s program which includes a promise to allow you to take their class again next year for free if you watch all of their videos and complete all of the questions for each chapter in their software and you still don’t pass their class. In addition, I’ve read most of Schwesser’s notes (I like Schwesser’s reading materials better than Stallas). Thus I’m pretty familiar with the material but I find there’s a big difference between reading the material for understanding and committing it to memory all at once for the exam. I’m hoping a cram course can help me with that. I’ve taken courses for licensing exams and have found that if you come across a great instructor like I did for the Series 7, it’s worth it’s weight in gold. Again, thank you for your assistance.

Level 2 isn’t really comparable to the 7 but I understand your point about an instructor impacting performance. I would consider a more direct study method of getting all of the CFAI EOC questions and CFAI issues mock exam questions down first. An instructor can only help you so much in a week or even two. This is 5 big textbooks worth of material and they will test specific concepts (sometimes not covered by a third party provider that did not update their material). You need to answer questions on basically 70% of these big 5 textbooks. If you want to cram, I think you have enough time to get the CFAI questions done first, and then resort to Schweser or Stalla after getting those down. In all fairness, I know multiple people that have passed only using Schweser but not a majority. Good luck! You can do it! just realized I didnt answer your question. Andy Holmes was my favorite for Level 2. He is the best. Hands down. Andy Holmes, Andy Holmes, Andy Holmes.

If you can get a week off work, you could take advantage of the 7-day and 5-day L2 cram sessions Schweser is running next month: Windsor, Canada: Saturday May 7th - Friday May 13th Dallas, TX: Monday May 16 - Friday May 20 I’ve never attended one of these, so I don’t know what they’re like. (However, they do appear to be chock-full of Andrew Holmes.)

I’ve used both Schwesser and Stalla. I did not want to just use Scwesser due to the fact that many people said it was not enough. I thought since Stalla had a guarantee that it would be updated and sufficient to fill in most wholes. Do you think that was the wrong thing to do? I still have the last few chapters to go and want to do as many Schwesser practice exams and hopefully CFAI practice exam before June 4. I have done end of chapter questions for about 1/4 of the chapters from the CFAI book. In many cases I did those a long time ago, in some cases a year ago so I’ll try to review those questions…running out of time…lol Thanks so much for your input!

Thanks both of you for your input! I really appreciate it.

cindy and wendy, where are you both from?

If you are in Boston BSAS has a decent bootcamp.

SkippE99, I am from San Francisco. What did you think of my post on April 20?

Desperately SEeking Cindy, stop bothering us

It sounds like you tried supplementing Schweser with Stalla. So you are supplementing your third party study materials with another third party’s study material? I understand the time constraint, but I believe you get the most bang for your buck working on the CFAI issued questions and EOC questions. Read a section on derivatives or equity portfolio management using only Schweser and Stalla, and then take the CFAI EOC questions. You should be able to get a high number right if the 3rd party materials are working. I would do this a couple of times on different chapters to test the effectiveness of your current system. Plenty of time left! Many hours in one day. Good luck!

Thanks for the feedback.