Any AFers in Detroit? I’ll be there next week.

Don’t live in Detroit, but I was there a few years ago for a conference and was pleasantly surprised by the area around GM’s HQ. A lot of nice restaurants, nice atmosphere along the river walk, etc. Seemed like everywhere within the circumference of the tram/people mover thing was pretty nice.

^ That’s where I’ll be at.

Detroit is surprisingly nice if you avoid the really bad neighborhoods. Everyone says D-town is the armpit of America, but Houston is the actual holder of that title. Lots of areas in and around Detroit are thriving, such as Dearborn.

Be prepared for some culture shock though. I’ve been to Detroit twice, and both times when I’ve been listening to the radio there has been a breaking annoucement that Kid Rock has been sighted at xyz club, has bought out the club for the night, and is now selling “exclusive” entry tickets (hurry now, supplies are limited!). I thought for sure it was a joke but it wasn’t. That’s a thing in Detroit as if people would want to hang out with Kid Rock.


Most of the news that people get from Detroit is about how it is a city in decline. However, I’m sure there are some nice parts. Kind of interesting that you can buy some houses around there for $3000 though. I’ve always fantasized about owning a city block.

That’s what came to mind for me as well. Never been to the city, but the airport is great.

Although downtown Detroit is likely not too dangerous, you should bring lots of reading material, as other than the casinos and some highbrow culture (Fisher theatre, the Detroit Institute of Arts, a few other places), it’s not a great great place to be out carousing all night. And this is coming from a brotha!

I’d rather be in Detroit right now than Connecticut.

That’s becuase you don’t like Kid Rock. There’s plenty to do, don’t knock the local culture.

Also, get yourself a Chili Dog at Coney Island.

You used “airport” and “bomb” in the same sentence. Now AF is on the Homeland Security watch list. Good job.

The area right around GM is a ghost town after 6:00 and on weekends, but if you walk a few blocks or hop on the tram, there are a lot of nice restaurants. The area around the baseball stadium (accessible by the tram) is nice too. The tram is same price no matter how far you’re going, so I recommend hopping on outside of GM and just taking a ride around the whole circuit (maybe 20 minutes) and you’ll be able see restaurants, bars, casios, etc. and decide where you want to go. You can also grab a bus into Windor at the station right next to GM. Not much to see in Windsor, but the casino there is nicer/bigger than what you’ll find in Detroit (a few years ago anyway).

I’m more familiar with the Windsor side but Detroit city is not too bad, just stay out of the suburbs and be alert. Their waterfront area and GM area is done up but like others said it’s not really poppin’ like other cities. Windsor is a grungy town but has it’s affluent areas, overall it’s safer (half is a college town), again not really a happening place but the casino (Caesars) is decent. The buffet is a bit of a rip off, by Toronto standards.

You’ll need a passport to get into Windsor. (It’s a different country)

This is kinda dorky, but I found it cool that you look across the river at Windsor and are actually facing south.

For now. Wait until fresh water becomes scarce down here. Hello 63 states.

Give a shoutout to D12 for me.

Never really did much in Detroit, but my buds and I use to go over to Windsor CA during college because you can drink at 19. I liked the scene, what I can remember of it, over there.

It would be even better if the block is near a college. I would rent separated rooms to chicks attending the nearby school, and would screen for chicks having trouble making ends meet. Every month would go door by door and tell them: [knock, knock] “all right, b!tches … rent is due today. Who doesn’t have the money this month. You know the drill.” Next door: [knock, knock] "all right, b!tches … "

I’m pretty sure there is a website with this premise…