DFW 5 day Schweser review

Anyone going? Anyone been? Comments/thoughts?

I am not sure what they would do there… But assuming I can afford it, and I have the time, I still would not go… I think CFAI books, Schweser notes, videos, whatever else I can do would be a better use of my time…there really is not much they did not say in their notes/videos ?

It is interesting. It is the best instructors from the 3-day courses, including John Harris who does the independent accounting workshops everyone goes on about. It is 2 weeks before the exam, so I believe the review is pretty in depth, as most people are done reading, and in review mode at that point anyway. I had a friend who did it for Level 2 & 3, passed both, said the 5-day was great for just covering what you really need to know and putting it all together. But not good for teaching the material, he had already done all the reading and EOCs before he showed up.

I’m going. I had a friend who did it for lvl 2&3 and swears by it. He had similar comments to what ftwcfa’s friend said. Given the time period it’s in it will be a really intense review. I’m looking forward to being in an environment where for 5 straight days it will be 100% review. Then I’ll know exactly what to zero in on in my own time over the last two weeks.

Exactly my thoughts, Keano. The things that appeals to me is that it is 5 days of nothing but CFA review. No work. No distractions.

So is anybody else going? If so, look for me there. I’ll be the guy doing the CFA practice problems.

I went for all 3 levels. It is ok. Filback is horrible. You are better off sitting in the commons studying yourself than listen to him.