DFW Intensive Review

Just wondering if anybody has had any experience with this review. I’ve skimped by on study aids for the L1 and L2, but would like to throw everything i have at this last test. I think that I really like the idea of getting away from work for an entire week and being able to focus totally on CFA. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

i did it and think that Creighton is better. See Creighton thread

Don’t know a out the 5 day thing, but the February - may program was terrible. I thought it was great in levels 1 & 2, but they really skimped out on the instructors for L3. I would highly encourage avoiding the L3 weekly review course…I haven’t spoken to 1 person that was happy with it. As for creighton boot camp…awesome for L3…I ended up going there because the DFWCFA/schweser weekly course sucked so bad.

I agree on the 16-week course for L3; it did not add much value vs. other levels. I got far more out of the 3-day review. I did it online because I was not ready to do a review as early as the live class had been scheduled. I would imagine the 5-day would go into a little more depth. You may want to talk to Schweser or whichever provider you are considering; I think they structure these sessions differently. Some are more of a lecture/workshop/practice format and some are more pure lecture/notes.

Thanks for yalls input. After all the glowing Creighton reviews, its hard to justify going somewhere else for a live review close to exam time.

I did the 5 day DFW program for Level II this year and loved it. It’s definitely a review though. You go through the material too fast to actually learn something you haven’t covered before. For me, one of the biggest benefits of it was getting away from work for an entire week and just focusing on the exam. That’s a luxury I hadn’t been able to afford in the past and it made all the difference in the world to me this time. From what I’ve looked at for the Creighton camp they seem awfully similar. LeFebvre takes a prominent role in each. In fact, it looks to me like most of the people who teach the Creighton course finish on Sunday then head down to teach in Dallas for the next week. My only question is how much they fit in for the Creighton course. They barely had time to hit everything at a real high level over 5 days at DFW. Either way though, I think considering the instructors and the fact that it’s about review and strategies, you’ll be in good shape no matter which course you choose.

@Keano for L2 DFW was pretty good. for L3 it was awful. You have Filback or whatever that guys name read you slides. He does nothing to help you. He teaches the majority of L3 @ DFW and it was a joke. The guy would say you dont need to know stuff and it would be on the exam. Honetly when he would start talking I would leave the conference room and go study in the hotel lobby. That is not the case @ Creighton.

Yeah, I figure being away from work I could get in 50-60 hours that week easy. That much time that close to the exam seems like a huge plus. Thanks for the response. I’ll probably try to wait until i figure out who is going to be instructing.