Dictionary for Financial terms terms needed

Hi I have just started preparing for CFA. completed BTech 6 months ago. Dont have much knowledge of finance. Is there any dictionary for Financial term ? a software like wordweb.exe (its for english) will be much better . If you know abt a dictionary plz let me know thanks

try: http://www.investopedia.com/ good luck


finfan Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > wikipedia thanks but i need a dictionary which is downloadable Also I wanted to practice some multiple choice problem related to each study session .examples given in schweser notes is not sufficient for me. any idea from where can i get these two things. 1.) downloadable dictionary for financial terms (like wordweb.exe) 2.) book/study material (hard copy/soft copy) which has study session wise multiple choice problem just like exam problem of same difficulty level of little easier.

but why do u need to download when u can access online… anyways, I don’t know any such downloadable Financial dictionaries…

The end of each of the CFA textbooks has a glossary of terms (the same in all books).

Campbell Harvey (at Duke) has a humongous finance dictionary online at http://www.duke.edu/~charvey/Classes/wpg/glossary.htm If you use a web-copying software like HTTRACK, http://www.httrack.com/ you can copy the whole thing down to a local machine. It gives you a pretty cool resource