Did a girl write the schweser ?

Hi everyone,

I noticed that several times in the schweser , it is written as if a girl was the subject of the sentence… For example, founded in the schweser, “However, the marginal utility of holding risky assets declines as an investor holds more risky assets in her portfolio.” Why is it “her” ?

I am not a native english speaking person and that’s maybe why i don’t understand it. This is a mistery i wanted to solve :slight_smile:

In the English language, and particularly in America, we have a big problem with the third person singular. There is no gender neutral word, and it is politically incorrect to use the masculine, which is the norm in other languages.

Considering that the book is probably 90% written by men, and 90% of all charter holders are men, I wish the writers would just use the masculine, unless the situation clearly calls for the feminine. But they didn’t ask my opinion when writing the book.

It is a girl who is the subject of the sentence. I don’t understand why that would be an issue?

Poor Greenman is complaining about microaggressions?

men are less likely to complain about gender inequalties then women (or be taken seriously). by making it all in a woman’s perspective, everyone is ‘happy’

some of the examples and situation made me laugh. In scenarios where the person messed something up, i would make up some ‘sexist’ joke. made it a lot more interesting

Exactly. And if you look at the photos on the covers, they are almost always women. This year is the exception - the front cover is a building.

They are trying to trick you into believing CFA has girls. Don’t believe their lies.

It’s to identify bigots. Mission accomplished.

This. LOL

She works hard for the money

So hard for it, honey

She works hard for the money So you better treat her right… Donna Summer, 1983