Did anybody get their work experienced validated by GARP?

looks like a first come first serve on this one… might as well suspend checking emails for now

Got it! Received just a few minutes ago, and I submitted my CV the Monday following the release of exam results. Hope you all get your answer soon!

Still waiting…

got it! submitted on 7 Jan

Just got mine today at approximately 3:30 p.m. I submitted my experience at about 2:30 p.m. on January 6th.

Hey I received the email from GARP today and now I can use FRM designation. I submitted my Resume on Jan 10th.

still waiting, submitted on the same day exam results were announced.

yep, good to go… submitted on 17th Jan.

Just got my experience validated, I submitted it on Jan 18. Guess they aren’t going in order of when people sent their CV…

I submitted my work resume on Jan 27th. No response from them yet. Makes sense if they are working on a first-come first-serve basis. Do you think they call all your employers past and present to verify?

I’m sure that they don’t call your employers, they base it on what you write.

So GARP is not verifying what we submitted on our resume? Cool!! (Not that I expect them to completely check every applicant.)

Good luck them checking my Lehman experience. It was all accurate, of course, but considering that none of my former managers are there (nor is there a there anymore)…

I got the “you can call yourself an FRM now” email from them earlier this week while at DisneyWorld. I saw it in the line waiting for “It’s a small world”. I submitted my resume the next day after getting the notification I passed the exam. I’m an FRM after all… I started singing that. I think the people around us thought I was nuts. Of course, I got the email one week after renewing my membership in GARP. But I’m sure that had nothing to do with it at all. :slight_smile:

got the confirmation today. Glad that it is all over now !! - Blue Swan, FRM

Do I have to renew my GARP membership in order to continue using FRM designation? Thanks.

Finally got the email saying I am now an FRM. When are the annual fees due?

Finally got the email …to use FRM designation

Ditto, jcrick, FRM

finally got mine. cpa,caia,frm (and future cfa hopefully)