Did anyone already reiceive in 2016 his printed charter?

Hi there,

I passed level II in 09/2016, paid my charter dues for two years a few days after results were out and received my welcome email (inter alia encouraging me to use the CAIA designation). So far so good!

I did not receive my printed charter yet and as I remember, the email stated I should have this in early December.

Is something wrong with my address (I am overseas) or did others receive nothing until now, too?


also overseas relative to the USA - nothing received yet - I guess CAIA wait for a certain % to pay up and then do a batch print-run

I’m living in Germany and received it today

In Switzerland, it finally arrived a couple of weeks ago.

Passed in Sept2016 and have not received it yet. Based in South Africa

I have still not received it, being based in Germany. Have however in the meantime received an email that it should come this quarter if not already received. I don’t know how they are doing this …Alphabetically? Reverse Order of Maturity?

I’m based out of the Cayman Islands and passed L2 in the spring. Results came out April 25, 2016 and I received my charter on November 9.

Arrived today.