Did anyone fail with Stalla

Seems everyone passed with Stalla meaning the sample is abnormal or there stuff was extraordinary… I thought Stalla was lesser than Schweser this year…


PtrainerNY which material you use and did that result into a pass or fail?

I used stalla videos and scweser books… Any section I took seriously I passed with above 70 The problem is I started a new job which required heavy hours and reading lots of books for the job too… My problems can be summed up as the last two books. Ironically I read cfai books 1 to 3 so it might be correlated as reading the final half would of put me over the top :slight_smile: I thought the stalla books were crappy last year. Now I’m thinking maybe I should read them for a different pt of view at least the last 2 books.

I guess Stalla notes were fail-proof for those who used it :slight_smile:

I daresay the same thing. I used Stalla for 1 and 2 and I passed both on the first attempt. Weird how it kinda has a bad rap, but…yeah, a high success rate on AF

I took Stalla…but didn’t pass.there material was adequate though…was in top 10 percentile of those whofailed…i would still recommend stalla…hopefully i’ll pass next time, plan to use stalla again…start earlier this time… chandran

Nice, I’m with y’all. 2 for 2 so far with Stalla, but I’ve coupled that with an intensive weekend review from Schweser, which I’ve found very helpful. Hoping to make that strategy 3 for 3.

Satyam… What did you reorder from stalla? Or did you get their free continue policy?

I will have to figure out what I am eligible for…am not sure but I’ll go with Stalla again…

Stalla attempts to hammer you with as much information as they can. Stalla should focus on trying to teach you what you are supposed to be learning - the LOS’s and how they all fit together. The PassMaster software is a joke, at best. Most of the questions are elementary. The sample exam module allocates the same amount of time on a question whether it is multiple choice or a written answer that has specific minutes assigned to the question. There are frequent software updates that change questions. However, you are not told which questions are changed. So the user is unaware if they answered a question that had errors and does not update your scores accordingly. I could go on and on, but I’ll stop. I passed this year using the CFAI books exclusively. The CFAI books are really good once you filter out all the noise.

Did you fail with stalla in the past

past L2 and L3 with stalla but it wasnt stalla it was me

Pased Level 1, 2 and 3 with Stalla. For Level 3, studied books as well for portfolio management first 3 sessions and Q&A for all sessions. No passmaster, took it for Level 1, not really useful. Also supplemented with one test from BSAS.

I think stalla is a total waste for level 3… I really liked their matl for level 1&2 but not for lvl 3. the books are still good but the practice material is not good enough. too much repetition bet practice excercise and practice exam…But I do know a lot of those who passed with Stalla…

krishna1 did u pass?


so you used cfai & stalla for reading or only stalla?

CFA books(read 2-3 times), used stall question bank for whatever it is worth and stalla video CDs, attended stalla sessions with David Hetherington(he is really good), got hold of some schweser material but unfortunately it was too late to make good use of it.