did anyone just receive a change of status email?

What does this mean?? Is this just to confirm the addition of the three letters after my name?

I did and yes, I believe that’s all it means.

I received it as well. Just to remind you that you are a CFA charterholder in case you thought it was all a dream…

I got it as well.

Difficult to know what on earth is going on! Some people seem to get letters, others get emails, some get both; others have neither. Some also get vouchers ( I got those some months ago - but still no letter or email). Others say their designation in the Members Directory has been changed others find no change. Some seem to suggest that their CFA award was as a result of a July Board meeting(yet results were not til mid-August). It is all more than confusing. It would be very helpful if at the very least all candidates gaining the CFA designation were informed at the same time by email irrespective as to when letters go out.

email, no letter though and no voucher

No email, no letter but i did recieved voucher.

Finally, I received the letter. No email though. The member directory was updated last Friday. I received the voucher a couple of weeks ago. I think I’ll fading out of the forum, and leave space for the next wave. Wonder if there are other forums for old timers…

email today

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