did anyone just take the sf society's test?

It didn’t go very well. 63% however, i guessed on 2 because i swear the info was missing. unless someone can tell me the value of an equity swap without knowing the return on the equity. wtf. i also think there had to have been typos on at least 2 other questions. bush league. there were also 70 questions, not 60, wtf? i’m just mad i didn’t do well, i think.

get it all out san fran… go punch a pillow for an hour and then get your @$$ back into q-bank. You better be on AF for roll call tonight.

guys its a gorgeous saturday night! go out for a beer, lets get back to this tomorrow morning

what’s up guys. so i’ve been reviewing equity for the last 3 hours and with open book, i still couldn’t answer some of the equity questions from this test. the wording makes it very difficult to figure out what the f they were asking. So here i am, back on AF. Saturday night. (yes, aladak, the weather is awesome is here too.) My wife hates me right now because i’ve been a grumpy b*tch since this test in the a.m. i’ve never been this negative on my prospects of passing. but i’m going to press on. too late at this point not to, i guess. it would be nice to get feedback from someone else who took this dogsh*t of a test to confirm the dogsh*ttiness of it. there’s my venting post.

You’re going to get there man. Keep at it.

thanks mwvt. it was a rough day for me. i just ordered chinese food, because my wife is pissed off at me and is on a cooking strike.

Better make amends before mother’s day.